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California Costumes

Halloween California Costumes California Costumes for all sizes, age, gender, funny, scary, and of course sexy.Large selection. Order soon while your choice is available.

Skeleton Chandelier w/Four Skeletons on Eight Skulls

Can you just image this Skeleton Chandelier with 4 Skeletons on 8 Skulls hanging in your home? This has to be for party decoration, special Halloween event. OCD Halloween personality! But I must say in a weird way, this Skeleton Chandelier is so attractive and would certainly be the “hoot” of the night!

Charades Women’s Page Boy Pirate Lady Costume Set

Halloween Pirate Lady
Charades Women’s Page Boy Pirate Lady Costume Set Not only be a Pirate Lady but be “the HOT pirate lady. Many sizes available. You’ll love this and your favorite person will too!

Child’s Halloween Funky Punk Skeleton

The colors in this Funky Punk Skeleton are vibrant and the outfit is cute. The leggings are more like pantyhose — they are not opaque. Looks great with a pair of plain black leggings to wear underneath the skeleton leggings. If you are Trick or Treating in the colder areas of country, the extra leggings [More]

There’s a Monster in Your Book

Kids book. Do you have one afraid of monsters? Most of mine were. This is a cute little guy that eats books. Actually took some of the scary out of the Monster image.
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